Problem Sets

The files of the course assignments will be uploaded at this page. The problem sets are handed out every week corresponding to each session of the course.

(O) The zeroth problem set is just an exercise with several questions illuminating several aspects of the spherical coordinate system through a practical example. PDF

(A) The first problem set corresponds to the section A of the course and contains certain unsolved topics related to the electrostatic field of various charge distributions, the work done when moving point charges and the charge storage capacity in spherical geometries. PDF

(B) The second problem set corresponds to the section B of the course and contains specific mathematical exercises related to the rigorous solution to the Laplace equation in the presence of sources or not and in various entire and non-entire configurations. PDF

(C) The third problem set corresponds to the section C of the course and some exercises on magnetostatics are included. In particular, Cartesian, cylindrical and spherical distributions of steady currents are considered, while Biot-Savart law should be also applied. PDF

(D) The forth problem set corresponds to the section D of the course and certain topics on simultaneous electro-magnetic time variations are elaborated. The auxiliary potentials, the uniqueness of the field solutions and the notion of propagation without distortion is examined. PDF

(E) The fifth problem set corresponds to the section E of the course and contains several exercises related to plane wave reflection and transmission from planar layered structures. The plane wave properties of the far field of a Hertz dipole have been also considered. PDF

(F) The sixth problem set corresponds to the section F of the course and contains five problems on transmission lines, impedance matching, lossy components and inverse computations. Also the effect on the voltage transformation ratio is identified. PDF

(G) The seventh problem set corresponds to the section G of the course and is simply an exercise related to coaxial cable and attenuation through it. PDF



The updated research and teaching record of Dr. Constantinos Valagiannopoulos may be found at the links below:


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